Have you ever seen a swarm of bees guarding their hive? They’re relentless. Nothing gets past them. Just like that unyielding swarm, you want your artwork to stand up to anything that might be thrown at it.

Our Bee-Guard coating protects your graphics with the frenzied conviction of bees guarding their honey. Grimy fingers, graffiti artists, and even mother nature are simply no match. Bee-Guard is a protective layer of insurance that maintains your graphic’s vibrancy and luster for as long as you have it on display.

Geeky Stuff:
  • The liquid coating products are specific to certain applications and substrates, and each coating is tested for optimal performance for the application.
  • Even though only microns thick, the coating provides extra depth and saturation to the printed colors and protection against normal wear and tear. They also contain UV protection and anti-graffiti properties.
  • Any of the printed products we produce can be coated, and in many cases it’s a viable alternative to traditional laminating.
  • By coating the wall covering products we print, our process is considered Type 2 certified.
  • In some cases multiple coats provide a little extra security and will be applied should the need arise.

In short, at Beeline and Blue, we’ve got you covered.