Brochures, Flyers and Booklets

Narrow Format Printing is defined as printing/copying up to 11”x17”, often with a full bleed*. These smaller format projects are a great option for marketing or business printing, sales handouts, and more.

Our machines provide fast turnarounds to work within your short timeline. We can process runs of 10 copies or 10,000 copies in less time than it will probably take you to read this page and decide to give us a call.

Seriously, sky’s the limit. We have more paper in storage than is probably legal to have.

Technical stuff:

  • Prints from business card size up to 11”x17”
  • Full-bleed
  • Color editing/enhancement
  • Document design
  • Reduce and enlarge from 50 percent to 400 percent
  • Double-sided printing
  • Document binding
  • Full finishing and assembly services

* What is full bleed you ask? For the uninitiated, “Full Bleed” is not a heavy metal group. It refers to a finishing process where color or other graphic elements run all the way to the edge of the paper.


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