Companies have been trying to reach a wider audience using digital marketing, print media and other marketing collateral. But as many people have been back in office, there’s one marketing solution you may not have thought about.

Ever see a Beeline and Blue or other wrapped business vehicle while you’re sitting at a pesky red light? Most likely, your answer is, “Yes”, because full vehicle wraps offer a double benefit of being a highly visible, cost-effective means of advertising and excellent protection for the vehicle body.

Today we’re looking at the top 3 reasons a vehicle wrap could benefit your business.

More Cost-Effective Advertising

  • Cost of a vehicle wrap is affordable, especially since it can last 5-years and isn’t stationary like billboards.
  • Unlike some digital marketing, your ad won’t be blocked or go into junk mail.
  • When you want to change advertising, you don’t need to buy a new fleet or vehicle. Simply have the wrapper removed and a new one applied.

Brand Awareness

  • Research and studies suggest that vehicles could generate up to 70,000 daily impressions on average. Even if your vehicle is parked at your facility, your company is still getting exposure.
  • Vehicle wrappers reinforce you are a local company.
  • You gain repeat exposure everywhere you go.


  • Wraps create a layer of protection for your vehicle. Scratches and nicks will be stopped by the cover.
  • In some cases, certain parts can be replaced without having to redo the whole vehicle.

First impressions are important, let Beeline and Blue outfit your vehicle or fleet with professional, eye-catching graphics.  Check out more examples or request a quote today.