Custom Wall Coverings

Who doesn’t love the idea of completely custom, unique coverings for your walls? Using the HP WallArt technology, you can create custom wall coverings that fit exactly into the spaces or rooms you need, and reflect your unique tastes exactly.

Speaking of unique tastes: It’s alright that no one understands your deep love of sea urchins. You love the rich colors, the sharp details, and the way they stick to all kinds of surfaces. It’s ok, we get it. Those are all the things we love about our custom-printed wallpapers too! Let us add some interest (and maybe some sea urchins) to your office wall, lobby, or living room.

Custom Wallpaper vs. Custom Wall Coverings

Though the terms are somewhat interchangeable, there is a difference between wallpaper and wall coverings. Wall coverings are sold in much larger lengths than wallpaper. This results in fewer seams, and a cleaner look. Wall coverings are also made with a heavier material than wallpaper, resulting in a more durable surface.


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