Lamination and Long-term Protection

You need to protect your images. We can help. Our technology will protect your investments from UV fading, scratching, cleaning products, vandalism, rain and snow, and more. And coating also adds vibrancy to images. And it’s fast to boot. Double score, bro!

Technical Stuff:

  • Capable of coating up to 5-foot-wide boards.
  • Roll-to-roll options for wall coverings and larger images
  • Coating options include: Dry-erase, Anti-scratch, Anti-graffiti, Decorative finish, Reflective, Chalkboard finish, and more.
  • Capable of coating a variety of substrates including: Polyester, Polypropylene, PVC, Metallized Film, Paper, Paperboard Products, Cloth, Tissue, Gauze, Felt, Foam (Neoprene, Polyurethane), Foils, Mylar, Canvas, and more


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