Fine Art Reproduction

Want to reproduce your Fine Art, but have no idea where to start? Beeline can help you with that.

The first step is making a high-quality digital file of your work. Our Metis DRS 2000 flatbed scanner can produce 16-bit RGB files at resolutions from 300 to 1000 dpi. The LED lighting system produces even, highly-accurate color. The scanner bed itself is 48” x 72”, so we can scan even your largest art works.*

The Metis scanner’s engineering and software allow us to scan virtually any type of flat art: paintings, fabric, mixed media, framed, under glass, highly glossy, highly textured… if you created it, we can scan it.

Does size matter?

  • Are you a prolific artist, with many smaller pieces you wish you could afford to scan? We charge by the scan pass, not the number of pieces you have. Our gang-scan policy can save you money – call us for more information.
  • Are your works larger than 48” x 72”? No problem- we can still scan them! 

Once we have produced your digital file, the possibilities are limitless. We can reproduce your work on art or photo paper; or any of our other substrates, such as acrylic, metal, or wallpaper – you name it. So, let us help you create sale-able art prints that look (almost) as good as your originals (if this is hard to believe, see our examples ⤵ and testimonials ⤵ below).

Do you wish you could reproduce not only the color, but also the artistry of your brush strokes?

We can now do that, thanks to the combination of our Metis scanner and our SwissQ flatbed printer. Your reproductions will both look and feel like originals.

Is Photography your art? Using Canon imageProGraf and Canon Pro series printers for brilliant, long-lasting color reproductions will make your master pieces look stunning. 

Master pieces can be printed on art paper or canvas. For paper, we have a choice of 5 high-quality photo papers at various price points and surfaces. And for canvas, we can print on canvas up to 60” short dimension, and can produce finished, ready-to-hang gallery wrap canvases in sizes 24″×36″ and below.

Need a little extra touch? We can do custom borders, and deckled edges, too!


How did you hear about us? (check all that apply) *

Examples of Our Work

“I have been working with Mary Howell Williams at Beeline and Blue for several years. When I first decided to have giclees made from my botanical Kallitypes and Cyanotypes I was worried the images would look like posters, but I needn’t have worried. Mary has a great eye for detail and color and I trust her to bring out the unique qualities in my work.”
Lindy Smith, April 19, 2016
“Working as a fine artist for 40 years I have been repeatedly asked if I would publish reproductions of a selection of my paintings. I hesitated because I was concerned about the quality of the print. Beeline has the products, and highly skilled technicians that deliver a quality image on archival papers. My collectors are very pleased. Thank you Mary and Co!”
Mary Kline-Misol, March 31, 2016
“I have been using Beeline and Blue for many years. I started rendering the vintage car illustrations in 2007 With a 1927 Willys Overland Whippet. From there, I rendered a very rare 1935 Offenhauser Midget race car and the owner who restored this car, came to see me from Oregon and purchased 3, 18 x 24” prints.

I have sold many prints since then, thanks to Mary’s efforts in the photo lab with her hi-res scan and proof skills and talents. She always makes sure the visuals are what I want before printing.

I generally select between 11 x 14”, 16 x 20”, and 18 x 24” sized Fine Art prints for my customers. I have moved to the Minneapolis area at Burnsville now and I still drive down to Des Moines and have Beeline take care of my requests.

Thanks Beeline and Blue for taking care of my Fine Art printing needs!”

Herb Dixon, March 31, 2016,