America has been called a “nation on the move,” and rightly so: the vast distances of the country are knitted together by over 8 million lane miles of roads. If an institution or service can possibly be fit with wheels and moved from place to place, it will be. From blood donation centers, to restaurants, to libraries, to museums, people have successfully adapted their cause or institution to a traveling vehicle. Today these are referred to as “Mobile Museums” or “Mobile Education Centers” and can be seen all over the country.

The Client

Our client, Des Moines advertising and marketing agency Lessing-Flynn, was tasked by Golden Grain Energy with support from the Iowa Corn Growers Association, to design and create a Biofuels Mobile Education Center. Lessing-Flynn and Beeline + Blue have been trusted partners for more than 25 years working on numerous projects that have assisted their clients to amplify their brands.

The Challenge

Beeline + Blue was contracted to print and install custom large color format wall and ceiling coverings for the interior of the Biofuels Mobile Education Center with a short turnaround time that needed adjustments made to the approved design plans. Beeline + Blue Senior Customer Relations Representative, Chuck Bloyer and Lessing-Flynn’s Senior Art Director, Joel Clifton successfully collaborated to work through a few obstacles along the way. “Lessing-Flynn values the trusted partnership with Beeline & Blue when it comes to completing large format and environmental display projects.” – Preston Poots, Project Manager at Lessing-Flynn The original designs had to be retrofitted for the following:

  • Multiple air conditioning units on the ceiling.
  • Proper placement for audio visual units so they would comply with ADA regulations.
  • Interactive gas pump sign had been designed too large for the space.

The Solution

Lessing-Flynn knew their 25 year partnership with Beeline + Blue as a print partner would serve them well, as it did in 2016 on the Iowa Corn trailer project. Working with the company that could produce and install the highest quality graphics that would accurately represent how Iowa farmers contribute to the fuel sector with an alternative solution, was paramount.

Beeline + Blue delivered this solution by:

  • Guiding Lessing-Flynn on which designs would be executable in the space.
  • Printing flawless imagery that adhered to the various applications.
  • Customizing the trailer so that it could used for a wide variety of audiences around the nation to educate the benefits of biofuel.
  • Providing Lessing-Flynn with best-in-class installers for a short turnaround time.
  • Leaning on its 60 years of experience, which allowed them to pivot when necessary to overcome last minute challenges.

National exposure for a print production and installation company is nice when you can get it!

The Fox Business Network® regularly airs a segment called Manufacturing Marvels®. The segment is a two-minute educational and promotional presentation, which features award-winning production, direction and narration, and showcases American manufacturers, their products and processes.

The Results

Since completing the trailer, the Biofuels Mobile Education Center has traveled across the nation providing a fun and immersive experience that explains to people of all ages and origin how biofuel produced here in Iowa, contributes to our economy, improves our environment and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. It’s like a classroom and entertainment center on wheels. It is equipped with a high-end audio-visual system that can be used in a multitude of ways. This is yet another example as to how the trusted partnership between Beeline + Blue and Lessing-Flynn will continue to bring amazing solutions to clients who need things done right, the first time.