When the communications professionals from the Des Moines Public Schools contacted Senior CSR Chuck Bloyer at Beeline and Blue, he knew their idea for grand cutout graphics was right up their alley. As the showcase of the stage at the Summit on Climate and Culture, Chuck understood what they needed and knew he could provide the ideal backdrop for a successful summit. Chuck says Beeline and Blue has worked with the school system for many years on several successful projects, so Phil Roeder, Director of Communications and Adam Rohwer, Graphic Arts Specialist knew they were putting this project in capable hands. And that’s when Chuck went to work! He consulted with the client on lighting options and chose a trusted vendor—Central Lighting and Equipment. With their long history of working together on many projects, Chuck felt confident this one would go smoothly as well. He started this project back in April and scheduled a series of meetings to make sure everything went according to plan. Chuck also detailed the project to inside personnel at Beeline where they came up with ideal sheets sizes (120 inches x 60 inches) to accommodate the artwork perfectly. Anchoring and stands were fabricated at Beeline and the lighting were all placed on order, and in the end, after assembling at the Beeline plant, it was disassembled for transporting. Chuck and his helper that day, Rich Heki, had the display up and functional in no time. Working together—Beeline and Blue staff along with the lighting professionals—made the summit event for the Des Moines Public Schools just that much better!