Graphics for the Education Sector

The use of graphics in schools is an effective way to promote a school’s brand identity, improve wayfinding, and facilitate communication.

A graphics program can be used to communicate the school’s values, mission, and culture to the wider community. We can help you create a consistent and recognizable visual language that reflects your school’s unique identity.

Graphics can also be used to create clear and concise directional signage that guides students, staff, and visitors throughout the facility. This is particularly important in large schools or campuses. We can create for you an ADA compliant wayfinding system that improves the visitor experience and reduces stress and anxiety for students and staff.

In addition, our unique materials can create interactive learning spaces with custom design white-boards, define spaces with floor graphics and brighten tired facilities with scrubbable, hard-wearing wall coverings.

The role of graphics in schools has only become more essential in today’s highly competitive market. By establishing and maintaining a strong brand identity, improving wayfinding, and fostering a sense of community, schools can achieve success in both the short and long term.

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