No more missing fonts, low resolution images or wrong versions of your art!

Bee-Flight is our latest state-of-the-art solution for automated color & content proofing and color management. Immediate feedback means quick validation of your files. Color standards are automatically maintained. This patented technology maintains consistent color across ALL your prints.
Now it is possible to send and receive immediate feedback regarding your file’s printability. Until now your files would enter our workflow and be manually pre-flighted. If the files required further attention from your designers this would result in time-consuming delays. This is now a thing of the past.
Thanks to Bee-Flight you can get feedback about your file. Use our Acrobat plugins to approve the proofs, and printable, normalized files will be ready to go. You will have the assurance that your files are ready to print right away. No more delays or time-consuming back and forth communications.
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